Dash and Dot Wonder Pack (All accessories included)


Dash and Dot Wonder Pack

The Wonder Pack is the most popular and most comprehensive Wonder Workshop solution. It offers students the greatest learning and playing experience by combining Dash & Dot with all their accessories.

Transform the way students learn about coding and computer science with a complete classroom package. This bundle offers everything you need to get students building, programming and exploring hands-on learning.

Recommended for grades K-5.

The Wonder Pack offers the richest and biggest play experience by combining Dash & Dot with the Accessories Pack, the Xylophone pack, the Launcher, and Building Brick Connectors!

The Wonder Pack includes:

1x Dash
1x Dot
1x Launcher
1x Xylophone
4x Building Brick Connector
1x Accessories (Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Tow Hook, Bulldozer Bar)