Advanced Hydraulic Arm Activity - 10 Pack


Build yourself a third arm! This is a pretty incredible hydraulic powered remote-controlled arm. Use it to pick up your room, eat snacks, stack blocks, play a game, or battle against other hydraulic arms -some of these tasks may be easier than others to complete!

The arm is built totally by you, from scratch! You construct it by measuring, cutting, reaming holes and tapping. This arm is "advanced," because it has  8 cylinders (4 cylinders move the arm, 4 cylinders form the control panel), and it has parts to make it into almost anything you can imagine. Build it using the instructions, then re-engineer it! Create your own unique design, incorporating recycled materials or anything else you can find. It comes with plenty of extra components included to help you change and create something completely new. Try re-engineering the arm so it can pivot at the base!


  • Utilize the design and engineering process
  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn about simple machines and fluid power
  • Apply math skills and scientific concepts
  •  Innovate (Design, build and evolve your own unique arm)

Become an inventor! Design and engineer your own hydraulic arm!


What's in the Advanced Hydraulic Arm Activity?

Component 10pk Quantity: Single Quantity:
Connector Strips 80 8
Dowels 80 8
Tubing 30M (100ft) 3M (10ft)
Perpendicular Blocks 100 10
Hole Plates 30 3
Slide Stop 300mm Sections 3 1/3 (100mm)
1.5" Screws 10 1
1" Screws 140 14
Cylinder Screws 240 24
Hex Nuts 160 16
Locking Hex Nuts 10 1
Rubber Bands 100 10
Cable Ties 20 2
14ml Cylinder Assembly 70 7
4.5ml Cylinder Assembly 10




TeacherGeek Tools You will Need:

Sets of tools can be found here. 

Process Description

Recommended Tool 

Alternate Tool

Cutting dowels, strips, recycyled items, etc


Saw, Pruning Shears

Tighten and loosen screws







#3 Drill Bit and Drill


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