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Bloxel Classroom Bundle (5-pack) - Previous Version Packaging

by Bloxel
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The Bloxels Team Builder 5-Pack contains:

-1 Team Builder 5-Packs ( total of 5 Bloxels Game boards and 2,000 total blocks) Each in individual trays makes it convenient for use in classrooms, libraries and maker spaces.

-1 new 52-page spiral bound Educators Handbook and 5 Guidebooks featuring tips for building your first game.

Bloxels is compatible with the FREE Bloxels Builder app for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle phones & tablets

Bloxels allow students to use physical blocks to build customize-able video games on their iOS, Android & Kindle tablet or smartphone.


  • 5 Bloxels Gameboards
  • 2,000 total blocks
  • 400 blocks per gameboard
  • Storage for Bloxels sets
  • Educator Handbook
  • 5 Guidebooks
  • FREE Bloxels Builder app
  • EDU Hub Access
  • 50 Free Student Accounts