Bee-Bot & Blue Bot "Color Me" Jackets - White Color (4 Pack)


Bee-Bot & Blue Bot "Color Me" Jackets - White Color (4 Pack)

Includes: 4 white color me jackets.

"Bee-signer" jackets offer an opportunity to customize and personalize Bee-Bot. Each white jacket is a canvas on which markers, decals, and stickers can be used to create a special design or give Bee-Bot a different personality. Use the jackets to spark young imaginations or to bring Bee-Bot into art class.

Jackets snap snugly into place on Bee-Bot. Command buttons protrude through the openings in the jacket, so Bee-Bot can be easily programmed while sporting its new look. After use, jackets snap back off and can be stored for next time.

Increase excitement by letting each student customize their own jacket for Bee-Bot to wear when he or she is programming Bee-Bot.