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BrainCo STEM Kit

by BrainCo
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Scale STEM Easily

The STEM Hand's unique design provides teachers with a scalable platform into STEM with confidence. Instructional materials provide teachers of all levels to get their students building immediately with a step by step introduction to high tech concepts. Simply plug and play this solution into your learning environment without the hassle of non-stop professional development

Cross-Curricular Compatibility

Bring a hands on "wow" factor into multiple classes and out storage! The STEM hand's provided modular curriculum and easy set up aligns with class activities in middle and high school Lab Sciences, Computer Science, Robotics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Science Writing, Engineering Design and more

Career Pathways Exploration and Inspiration

No more paper towel roll experiments! Allow students to explore STEM career fields with materials and curriculums based on real world technology. Explore the engineering design process like a real engineer or design and build your own prosthetic solution to real world challenges in Biomedical Engineering.

Advance to the Next Level

Want to bring your new skills to the next level? Get involved with the Neuromaker Creative Competition and create your own unique solution to a real world global issue using the Brainco STEM hand and submit it to a group of engineers for review. All submissions are reviewed online, removing the distance, cost, organization and time needed from in person STEM events. Join us from anywhere in the world!


A1 Scissor

A2 Screwdriver

A3 Type B Screw

S4 Type D screw

A5 Battery

B1 Front Palm

B2 Back Palm

B3 Front wrist

B4 Back wrist

B5 Servo Board

B6 Wire plate

C1 Control Box

D1 Finger piece

D2 Finger Hinge

E1 Servo Motor

E2 Type A screw

E3 Type C screw

F1 Corner Bracket

F2 plastic rivet

F3 Black latch

G1 UNO board

G2 Data cable

H1 power supply chip

H2battery case

H3 Switch cable

H4 power cable

J1 Jumper cable

J2 IR Senor

J3 IR remote

J4 Bread Board

J5 Cr2025 Battery

K1 Fishing wire

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