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Super Classroom Kit + Inventor's Notebook

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The Super Classroom Kit contains 10 full-size + 5 extra pens and modules that introduce more advanced concepts, including light & sound to take your circuit sketches to the next level! The Super Classroom Kit is intended for students to work individually or in collaborative groups. Our Super Classroom Kit contains 11 Inventor's Notebooks with 27 pages of lessons that works through resistance, elements in parallel and series, open circuits and short-circuits, and drawing electrical circuits.

This Super Classroom electronics kit for students allows you to explore conductivity & touch-sensitive circuits, and to build your understanding of inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. Additional topics to explore in the Inventor's Notebook include light sensing, drawing circuits, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

66 Modules + 15 pens:


Additional Items:

  • 10 Circuit Stencils 
  • 10 Jumper Sticker Sheets
  • 10 Workbooks  + 1 extra Workbook
  • 10 Steel sheets
  • Ten Product Dimensions: 5 x 6.5 x 20 in  | 12 lbs