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CoDrone Mini Set of 12 Education Bundle - Plus Extra Battery Packs

by CoDrone
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$1,495.95 - $1,495.95
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This is suitable for a classroom of 12 students for a 1-to-1 drone:student ratio, or a classroom of 24 students for a 1:2 ratio. We recommend no more than 2 students to a drone.

Drones are individually packaged. CoDrone Mini is intended for indoor use only.

CoDrone Mini is a mini drone that’s the smaller cousin of the the Pro/Lite. It’s programmable in Blockly and Python, to make the drone fly in patterns, control the lights, and even do flips. It’s an awesome way to get introduced to basic coding concepts, then see your code take flight.


12 x CoDrone Mini

6 x Extra Batteries