GiggleBot Curriculum Expansion Pack


Why GiggleBot? 

GiggleBot is the world’s first micro:bit robot designed for education. The BBC micro:bit is a programmable microcontroller developed to encourage children to write software and build new, inventive creations.                                                                                 

The GiggleBot comes with programmable LEDs, motorized wheels, brightness sensors, and is powered by AA batteries.

Plus, GiggleBot is unique with its LEGO® compatibility and has connections for additional sensors and servos.

Learning to code is simple with MakeCode, a visual drag-and-drop programming
language. Then, once the basics have been mastered, students can progress into
writing JavaScript or even Python.

GiggleBot Curriculum Expansion Pack Includes:

1 micro:bit GO Starter Kit

1 Distance Sensor 1 Gigglebot

Speaker 1 LEDs pack (multicolor)

1 Sensor Mount Pack (3/ea)

2 Servos (small)

5 Alligator Clips 50cm

5 Alligator Clips 100cm

1 DI screwdriver

1 Pipe Cleaner pack

1 Puffy Stickers pack 1 Zip ties set

***Does NOT include a GiggleBot***