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K8 Robotics Classroom (15 Robot Bundle) - SAVE!

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We believe that every kid should have a shot at learning and doing the things they might be amazing at! From block based coding to Javascript, k8 is your best friend for discovering the wonderful world of robotics.


k8 is fun and easy to build! Follow along with our step by step tutorials to assemble k8 from scratch in less than 30 minutes.


Learning to code has never been easier! k8 is powered by micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode to allow students to start with block coding and work their way up to Javascript. The programming software is completely cloud-based and runs like a breeze on a Chromebook.


Using micro:bit makes it easy for groups of 3 or even 4 to share the use of the robot and iterate on their own code! No more tethering to the computer, take your code to k8. 


With more than 8 sensors and motors, k8 opens a world of possibilities, for making, playing and learning!


15 x K8 Robotics Kits