Cubelets® Brilliant Builder Pack


Cubelets® Brilliant Builder Pack

Assembled for eager inventors, the Brilliant Builder Pack includes 19 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets®, as well as the Bluetooth® Hat. Designed to support a single student group, this Pack gives students tons of building options as they complete challenge after challenge.

Cubelets Brilliant Builder includes.

Brightness Cubelet

Brightness Cubelet (x1)

Enable a construction to detect and respond to light.

Distance Cubelet

Distance Cubelet (x2)

Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects.

Temperature Cubelet

Temperature Cubelet (x1)

Build robot constructions that react to changes in temperature.

Knob Cubelet

Knob Cubelet (x1)

Build robot constructions with precise data value control.

Battery Cubelet

Battery Cubelet (x1)

Provide the energy needed to power robot constructions.

Inverse Cubelet

Inverse Cubelet (x1)

Flip data values, making low values high and vice versa.

Maximum Cubelet

Maximum Cubelet (x1)

Pass only the highest data values detected within a construction.

Minimum Cubelet

Minimum Cubelet (x1)

Pass only the lowest data values detected within a construction.

Passive Cubelet

Passive Cubelet (x1)

Build bigger robots, without modifying data values.

Blocker Cubelet

Blocker Cubelet (x1)

Pass power but block all data values.

Threshold Cubelet

Threshold Cubelet (x1)

Block data values below the selected threshold.

Bar Graph Cubelet

Bar Graph Cubelet (x1)

Display block values on a 0–10 scale. Great for debugging.

Speaker Cubelet

Speaker Cubelet (x1)

Make robots that beep and chirp based on block values.

Flashlight Cubelet

Flashlight Cubelet (x1)

Create constructions that shine a dimmable LED light.

Drive Cubelet

Drive Cubelet (x2)

Build robot constructions that navigate their world.

Rotate Cubelet

Rotate Cubelet (x2)

Create constructions that whirl and twirl.

Bluetooth Hat

Bluetooth Hat (x1)

Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects.

Cubelets Brick Adapters 4-pack

Brick Adapters (x4)

Add style and expand building capabilities with LEGO® or other brick building toys. Includes two "studs" and two "sockets" adapters.

Cubelets Container - Cherry red color

Cubelets Container (x1)

A durable padded place to store and transport your Cubelets.

Micro-USB Charging Cable (x1)

Recharge your Battery Cubelet to power your robot constructions for hours on end.


Recommended ages.

Cubelets are recommended for builders ages 4 and up. Cubelets are intuitive enough for preschoolers to start building robots, but they scale in complexity, teaching new skills as kids grow. Cubelets are even loved and used in university computer science programs!

Battery information.

The key to every Cubelets construction is the Battery Cubelet. A fully charged Battery Cubelet can power up to 6 hours of robot activity. Recharge the Battery using the included Micro-USB cable. When fully charged, the amber light on the Battery Cubelet will turn off.