Cubelets® Mini Makers Pack FREE Battery Essentials Pack (Value $199.95)


Inspired by the needs of our youngest learners in Pre-K and Kindergarten, the Mini Makers Pack still efficiently scales to older students and higher skill levels. Use the Mini Makers Pack to help students practice basic computational thinking skills, engineering processes, design thinking, and more.

Designed to support six groups of learners, this pack includes 52 Cubelets: 6 Battery, 6 Passive, 6 Inverse, 6 Distance, 6 Brightness, 4 Knob, 6 Drive, 6 Flashlight, and 6 Rotate. Plus: 2 Bluetooth Hats, 24 Brick Adapters (6 sets of 4), 1 5-port Charger, 5 Charging Cables, and 2 Storage Tubs.

Cubelets are a great way for students to practice Tactile Coding, which brings computer science concepts to all ages