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Forces & Interactions: Middle School Physics Classroom Kit

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Bring the fun of hands-on physics to the classroom! This classroom kit is designed specifically for middle school NGSS classrooms.

NGSS ALIGNED: The ten physics and engineering design activities are aligned to eight standards covered in NGSS middle school classrooms.
TEACHER GUIDE & LESSON PLANS: 116-page book includes detailed explanations and activity objectives to guide instruction.
TIMED FOR CLASSROOM USE: Each activity is intended to be performed in one or two 45–50 minute class periods.
DURABLE BUILDING SYSTEM: 437 pieces included; intended for repeated classroom use.
EASE OF USE: Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions direct hands-on model building exercises.
SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Each kit is designed for use by up to four students.
EASY CLEAN-UP & STORAGE: Stackable plastic storage bin with sorting tray and building lid allows for organization of parts.