GoPiGo 3 Base Kit


Why GoPiGo?

GoPiGo allows you to build and program your own robot. There’s nothing to download or install, as the robot connects to a laptop over WiFi.

The GoPiGo includes intuitive built- in learn-to-code Bloxter tutorials for beginners and the data science and machine learning capabilities of Interactive Python for advanced users.

The robot includes five ports for different sensors as well as access to
the RaspberryPi pins for customization.

In addition to the learn-to-code tutorials, GoPiGo offers new educator-focused
tutorials every month through the GoBox subscription.

Plus, the free GoPiGo Mars Rover lessons are a hit in the classroom.

GoPiGo 3 Base Kit Includes:

1x GoPiGo3 board, Chassis, Wheels, Motors, Encoders, & Power Battery Pack