KUBO Coding 8-Pack

by Kubo

KUBO Coding 8-pack

Introducing basic programming skills including routes, functions and loops in a few simple steps, the materials allow students to develop increasingly advanced programming skills through creative challenges and cross-curricular activities.

Every set includes:

2x 9002 Body 4-Pack, for a total of 8 robot bodies and 2x 9010 5-port multi-charger boxes that allow you to recharge up to 10x robots in just two hours for four hours usage

8x 10101 KUBO Coding TagTile® sets with 46 TagTiles® in each set. Each set includes 1x 10701 KUBO Coding robot head

2x 10501 KUBO Coding Activity map 5-Packs, for a total of 10 illustrated activity maps and 2x blank map templates for students to create their own challenges

2 power cords for the multi-chargers

Free access to The Coding License online classroom activities, including beautifully illustrated task cards, worksheets and comprehensive teachers notes to download.