KUBO Coding and Coding+ Bundle 4 Pack

by Kubo

The  KUBO Coding+ bundle provides a total of  82 TagTIles®  to use with your KUBO robot and activity maps.  The tiles, which snap together like the pieces of a puzzle,  allow control of basic movements, time, speed, distance and direction. Students have endless possibilities to develop increasingly complex programmes using basic movements, functions, subroutines and loops.

Your KUBO  Coding+ bundle includes:

A 9002 KUBO Body 4-Pack with 4 robot bodies and 1x 9010 5-port multi-charger box that allows you to recharge up to 5x robots in just two hours for four hours usage

4x 10101 KUBO Coding TagTile Sets made up of 46 tiles. Each set includes 1x 10701 KUBO Coding robot head

4x 10102 KUBO Coding+ TagTile Sets made up of 36 tiles

1x 10501 KUBO Coding Activity map 5-Pack, with 5x illustrated activity maps and 1x blank map template for students to create their own challenges

A power cord for the multi-charger

Free access to The Coding License online lesson plans, including beautifully illustrated task cards, worksheets and comprehensive teachers notes to download