LocknCharge FUYL Cell Charging Locker with Pre-Installed Digilocks


The FUYL Cell Charging Locker is designed to individually store, charge and secure Chromebooks™, Tablets, Laptops, iPad® devices or any other electronic device. The FUYL Cell Charging Locker combines innovation, strength and versatility to deliver a truly revolutionary one-to-one storage and charging solution.


  • No Stress. Safe and Secure. FUYL Cells are designed to store and secure valuable mobile electronic devices such as Tablets, Laptops, iPad devices, Cell Phones and more. Each Cell has five individually lockable compartments.
  • Secure charging. Create a secure charging facility in just about any environment with LocknCharge FUYL Cells. Perfect setup for schools, universities, convention centers or anywhere electronic devices are used.
  • Modular and scalable. Mount the FUYL Cell Charging Lockers on a wall or stack them on top of one another. It’s your choice. The FUYL Cell Charging Locker is designed to adapt to almost any environment.
  • Fully Ventilated. No worries. Uniquely designed for passive ventilation to minimize heating during charging.
  • Easy to use. Works just like a hotel safe. The FUYL Cell Charging Locker comes with digital locks for individual use 24/7.
  • Highly compatible. Charge almost any device. Each compartment is fully equipped with a mains supply power outlet, as well as dual USB charging ports capable of delivering 2.1 amp power (iPad compatible).
    • Port A is configured for iPad devices, capable of delivering 2.1 amp power.
    • Port B is configured for the majority of other USB chargeable devices.