MakerSpace Elementary Classroom Bundle **SAVINGS $525**


Makerspace is a relatively new method of teaching students in a space where they can get hands-on experience working with concepts they recently learned.

The point of the space is to make, create, and invent new things!

MakerSpaces help Builds Perseverance, Inspires Further, Encourages Rethinking Concept, Teaches Basic Problem Solving, Engages Minds and Encouraging Questions, Provides a Connection between Lessons and the Real World

These are the reasons we created the Elementary Classroom MakeSpace Bundle (designed for classrooms with 20-30 students)

MakerSpace Elementary Classroom Bundle Includes:

1x Circuit Scribe  Maker Classroom Kit - 10 x Maker Kits

1x MakeDo - Event Pack

10 x Squishy Circuits - New Standard Kit

15 x BumpBot - Learn about circuit diagrams, parallel and series circuits, switches and loads

10 x LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit - Special Edition

5 x Snap Circuits Extreme - Educational 750 Experiments Kit

Value: $5,300.00

Savings: $525.00