Piper Make Starter Kit + Gaming Expedition Kit


Get the best of Piper Make with the Piper Make Starter Kit plus Gaming Expedition Kit. Build your own controller, code the buttons using Piper Make, and then use it with Minecraft Education Edition (1 year license included!)

The Piper Make Starter Kit includes the Raspberry Pi Pico which is a new microcontroller from Raspberry Pi plus basic breadboarding equipment:
- 830 Hole Breadboard
- (10) 100mm, M2M, Jumper Wires
- (10) Resistors
- Tactile Buttons
- LEDs
- USB cable, 1 meter
- Laser cut, laser etch wood base

The Controller Toolkit includes:
- Piper custom PCB (printed circuit board) with 14 buttons
- (10) 500mm, F2M, Jumper Wires
- Laser cut, laser etch wood pieces
- Brass hardware
- Screwdriver

Visit make.playpiper.com to see all the engaging STEM projects that support the Piper Make + Game Controller Expedition Kit. To access your 1 year Minecraft Education Edition license, fill out this form.