RVR Sphero Combo Pack: Sphero RVR + littleBits Adapter + micro:bit V2

by RVR
SKU SPH-031-1

RVR Sphero Combo Pack: Sphero RVR + littleBits Adapter + micro:bit V2


1 x Sphero RVR

1 X littleBits micro:bit Adapter

1 x micro:bit V2 Go Bundle

Meet RVR

You asked for an all-terrain, highly programmable, infinitely-expandable robot — well, here it is. Meet RVR, the robot built by us but inspired by educators, students, hackers, and makers like you.

RVR is made for makers, hackers, coders – and you. Sphero’s revolutionary take on what it means to be programmable, this all-terrain robot is built for customization. Code with it, build on it and hack the robot of your dreams. With RVR, you can go anywhere and do anything.  

  • Drive anywhere with RVR’s powerful motor, all-terrain treads, and high torque 
  • A customizable expansion plate lets you connect third-party hardware and change the mobile robot’s look and feel  
  • Packed with tons of advanced robot sensors that you can code and hack  
  • Play educational games, create your own and learn how to program through play-based learning

Level up with RVR! Recommended for ages 8+.

Connect & Go

RVR is a mobile robot that you can drive right out of the box. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to RVR using Bluetooth Smart and drive it anywhere! When you’re ready to start coding, download Sphero Edu and program your RVR.

Good for Beginners

Beginners can start out with Draw & Drive before diving into Scratch Blocks. Ready for more? Integrate RVR's powerful on-board sensors into your programming projects and coding creations, then share them with the world.

Highly Expandable for Hackers

Take your programming to the next level and hack RVR. Code RVR with JavaScript, expand its capabilities with third-party hardware or go even further using Sphero’s public SDK library. RVR is the most complex, expandable robot on the market – with approachable features and capabilities for coders of all skill levels.

littleBits micro:bit Adapter

The littleBits micro:bit Adapter connects micro:bit and littleBits enabling new learning experiences and creative inventions in a less-intimidating way.

Enhance your learning with micro:bit by adding coding to your littleBits using platforms like the free Microsoft MakeCode or Python editor. It works by connecting the signals from the littleBits input and output bitsnaps to pins on the micro:bit edge connectors. No special coding libraries are needed.

micro:bit V2 Go Bundle


he BBC micro:bit is back and better than ever! Version 2 of this popular board features a new built in Speaker, Microphone, more computing power, and improved power circuit. Best of all, it is still compatible with existing accessories, code, and lesson plans.

The BBC micro:bit Go Bundle is a basic starter kit for the very popular BBC micro:bit. This kit includes the micro:bit V2, a USB cable, battery holder, and even the batteries themselves! So what is the micro:bit? It is a pocket-sized computer designed for beginners in electronics and coding. The micro:bit makes getting into these often daunting fields as easy as possible. Programming the micro:bit can be done by computer or by their intuitive app available for Android and iOS devices. Code can be designed using a drag and drop interface in the Blocks editor, Javascript, or Python.

On the electronics side the micro:bit V2 is very well featured. The built in sensors, LEDs, and buttons give plenty to experiment with before moving on to external designed circuits. An onboard accelerometer and compass make detection of motion and orientation possible. A 5×5 matrix of red LEDs allows for scrolling text, designs, or sensor outputs to be displayed in unique and creative ways. The two programmable buttons can be used for inputs or simply to start and stop programs. A speaker and microphone allow it to sense sound and playback basic sounds. Even the micro:bit logo functions as a touch compatible button. Version 2 also sees the addition of an improved power circuit with power saving sleep mode.

Want to incorporate additional electronics? A 20 pin edge connector and 5 easily accessible alligator clip holes allow for external buttons, add-on boards, sensors, and other electronics to be connected.

Included In The Box:

  • BBC micro:bit V2
  • USB micro Programming Cable
  • AAA Battery Pack
  • 2 x AAA Batteries