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SoftBank Robotics NAO V6 (Shipping Costs will Apply)

by NAO
Original price $15,195.95 - Original price $15,195.95
Original price
$15,195.95 - $15,195.95
Current price $15,195.95

The latest version of NAO with 10 major areas of improvement is here! The result of a unique combination of mechanical engineering and software, NAO is a character made up of a multitude of sensors, motors and software piloted by a made-to-measure operating system: NAOqi OS.

What's in the Box:

  • NAO V6 Robot
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Full SDK and API
  • Power Pack + Battery
  • Unlimited Choreographe Lessons
  • Getting Started eBooks:
NAO Robot V6 main areas of improvement
NAO Robot V6 hardware improvements
NAO Robot V6 comparison to previous NAO Robot models
NAO Robot V6 performance comparison chart
NAO Robot V6 hardware and software improvements