mBot-S Explorer Class Pack - 15 mBots


mBot-S Explorer is an educational robot empowering students to be innovative and creative while having fun. mBot is programmed using the mBlock software which integrates Scratch and Arduino programming. This programming language is both simple, powerful and very quick to learn. A platform with endless possibilities.

Endless Features:

  • Easy to assemble within 10 mins
  • Electronics are based on Arduino open source platform
  • Supports IOS and Android Apps
  • Suitable for Individual users and families
  • Two programming tools: Arduino IDE and mBlock, a drag-and-drop programming tool based on Scratch 2.0
  •  LED Matrix included
  • Upgraded version of the mBot
  • Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz wireless module included, without wire limited
  • Easy and intuitive wiring with colour-coded RJ25 connector
  • 2 mm thick aluminium chassis, strong and compatible with Makeblock & Lego parts
  • Free lessons are provided and increasing continually
  • Achieve different fun projects like wall avoidance, line following, games with other mBots, using sensors to play games in Scratch

An integrated chassis, user-friendly design, and clear instructions make it easy for children to assemble the mBot-S in less than 30 minutes! After building, users can control the robot, play games via mobile apps, or write code with Makeblock’s visual programming software, mBlock 5.

By programming with mBlock, students can make their programs for the mBot-S visible in the physical world and observe the real effects of sound, light, and movement. The mBot-S also has three preset modes: Avoiding obstacles, line following, and manual control. By switching between modes, students can command the robot to automatically avoid obstacles, move along a line, or use the remote controller or companion software to manipulate the mBot-S to do whatever they'd like.

With just a screwdriver and the step-by-step instructions, students can build a robot from scratch and experience the joys of hands-on creation. As they go, they will learn about a variety of robotics machinery and electronic parts, grasp the fundamentals of block-based programming, and develop logical thinking and design skills.

Each Kit Components: 

  • 1 Mini Wheel
  • 25 M4*8 Screws
  • 8 M3 Nuts
  • 8 M4*25+6 Brass Studs
  • 4 M2.2*9.5 Screws
  • 3 RJ25 Cables 6P6C-20cm
  • 2 Motors
  • 2 Slick Tires
  • 2 Plastic Timing Pulleys 90T for Motors
  • 1 AA Battery Holder
  • 1 Bluetooth Module
  • 2 Motor Parts
  • 1 Mainboard mCore
  • 1 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1 Me Line Follower
  • 1 2.5mm Screwdriver
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 2 mCore Cases
  • 1 mCore Shell
  • 1 White Acrylic Array Board
  • 1 3*3*120° Bracket
  • 1 Hook and Loop
  • 1 IR Remote Control
  • 6 M3*25 Screw s
  • 10 4*7*10 Plastic Spacers
  • 4 M4*16+6 Brass Studs
  • 8 R2064 Rivets
  • 1 LED Matrix
  • 4 M4 Nuts
  • 10 4*7*3 Plastic Spacers
  • 4 M4*14 Screws 


15 x mBot-S Explore