Meet Blue-Bot, the new Bee-Bot robot with a Bluetooth connection!  Use the buttons on the back to program Blue-Bot just like Bee-Bot.  Connect Blue-Bot to your tablet or PC via Bluetooth, using free apps, and program Blue-Bot remotely.  Blue-Bot offers all the features of Bee-Bot while also introducing remote control!
Blue-Bot Classroom - BEST VALUE BUNDLE
Blue-Bot & TacTile Reader Pack
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader
Blue-Bot - Programmable Floor Robot
Words Mat (Blue-Bot)
Card Mat -2 layered Mat (Blue-Bot)
Blue-Bot Docking Station
Community Mat (Blue-Bot)
Old West Mat (Blue-Bot)
Shapes, Colors, and Size Mat (Blue-Bot)
School Mat (Blue-Bot)
Go Cart Rally Mat (Blue-Bot)
Alphabet Mat (Blue-Bot)
TacTile Reader Standard Tile Pack
TacTile Reader Extension Tile Pack
Dice Mat (Blue-Bot)
Bee-Bot & Blue-Bot Backpack
Six Blue-Bot USB Charger