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databot™ 2.0 - Missions with LEGO® Robotics Bundle

by databot
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Missions with LEGO® Robotics Bundle (For ClassPack of 10 databots)

Purchase this bundle and get databots (pick your variation) plus the 137 page, action-packed Missions with LEGO® Robotics (digital download).  The eight included Mission Guides provide you with everything needed to get started.  All missions include detailed, step-by-step support for integrating data collection and analysis into your current program. These mission builds and instructions are designed for the LEGO® Spike Prime educators kit #45678 but can easily be modified for earlier Mindstorms® kits.

Do You Love LEGO® Robotics? Add a Whole New Dimension with databot™!

databot class pack of 10, pouch version.This incredible bundle includes databot kits plus our Missions with LEGO® Robotics publication!  The included 130+ page Missions manual provides eight awesome, data-driven missions to challenge your students to solve problems using live sensor data from databot™! All missions include detailed step-by-step support for integrating data collection and analysis into your current LEGO® program.  The mission builds and instructions are designed for the LEGO® Spike Prime Educators kit #45678 (Not Included) but can be easily modified for earlier Mindstorms® kits.

Mission #3: Putter Perfection. Biomechanical Engineering & Sports Science.

Each mission is a career oriented scenario that poses a challenge to be overcome through the use of data.  For example, mission #3, Putter Perfection, shown here is a sports science and engineering challenge.  Your team has been hired by a professional golfer to help her improve her performance – her putting game is off!  Here is an excerpt from the Background information on the mission.

Your team has been hired as biomechanical engineers by a professional golfer experiencing a career slump – her putting game is off! You will help her by demonstrating how to deliver perfect putts to a target 6′ away. Do this by adjusting the force of impact from LEGO® motor speed and swing angle. Work as a team. The data scientist will evaluate each round of code and the coder will adjust the force accordingly until the putting is “perfection.” Two forces that affect a golf ball are gravity and friction. Putting combines mass (the club head) and acceleration (the swing) to deliver a force to the ball to overcome gravity and friction.

Everything You Need – Just Add your LEGO® Kits and Go! 
Mission #1: Spin Cycle. Accessibility Engineering.

With this bundle you select your ‘bot quantity, add your existing LEGO® kits, and  you will have everything you need to enhance your LEGO® Robotics summer camp, after-school program, CTE or STEM program or your homeschooling efforts. Here’s what in your Missions Bundle:

  •  Each databot Kit Includes
    • databot
    • MicroUSB charging & coding cable
    • Temperature Probe
    • Lanyard
    • Explorer Pouch for Storage
  • Background Materials
  • Career Connections
  • Real World Examples
  • Build Plans
  • Coding Instructions: Spike Prime
  • databot™ Coding with MicroBlocks®
  • Vizeey™ Data Collection and Visualization App
  • Custom Vizeey™ App Experiments
  • Extension Challenges
  • Data Collection Tables and Worksheets
  • Step by Step Instructions for Data Analysis
  • Standards Alignments: NGSS, ISTE, TEKS, CBSE
Career Scenario & Background
Detailed Coding Instructions
Detailed Building Instructions
Data Collection & Analysis Steps
Data Analysis Worksheets

For Grades 4 and Up

These missions include complete instructions for creating the builds and integrating the data collection and analysis experience. For younger students conducting the builds and being introduced to collecting and visualizing data will be very useful.  For older students there are advanced extensions and challenges in addition to data worksheets and calculations.

Technical Requirements

For fast and easy  sensor experiments the only technical requirement is to have a smart device (IOS or Android) such as a tablet or smartphone with Bluetooth to connect to databot™.  You download our free app, Vizeey™, connect to databot and you’re up and running!  For coding databot™ the MicroBlocks® coding environment is designed to run on Windows/MacOS/Chromebooks in a browser environment.  No software installation required!