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databot™ 2.0 - Single

by databot
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databot™ – Single

databot™2.0, an unstoppable STEMachine! Weighing in at just 1.2 oz and standing only ¾” high, databot™ is a power-packed wireless, remote-ready scientific tool that brings the world of data to life instantly!  The most versatile multi-sensor tool imaginable, databot™ packs 16 different science sensors, light and sound outputs, and is completely programmable and AI & Machine Learning enabled!  databot™ connects instantly to your smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook allowing data to be visualized and explored in real-time!

Paired with our smartphone app, Vizeey™, streaming and exploring data of all kinds begins with the tap of an icon – it’s the easiest way to begin visualizing and exploring real data.

Durable stitched pouch with clip on ring carabiner for grab and go science explorations. Holds one databot and accessories!


databot™ 2.0: TINY! 1.67″ x 1.67″ and only 3/4″ tall!

databot™2.0 has arrived and is really shaking things up in science education! This tiny device is unstoppable for exploring everything from motion and magnetism to UV light, CO2 levels, and humidity. Never has exploring the scientific data that surrounds us been more affordable, approachable, or fun!

The 16 included sensors offer a  variety of data collection capabilities for endless explorations in earth science, physics, life science, chemistry, and the environment! Completely programmable and enabled for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, databot™ 2.0 also has programmable RGB LEDs and a tone generator, making it a rich resource for physical computing and developing coding skills. Paired with Vizeey™, an incredibly easy-to-use app for smart devices, streaming and exploring all kinds of data starts with the tap of an icon – it’s the easiest way to begin visualizing and exploring real data!

databot™ kits include everything you need to get started immediately including Vizeey™ software, a charging cable for the rechargeable battery, an external temperature probe, lanyard, and protective storage case.

16 Incredible Sensors in One Device! 

This tiny package packs a wallop with more power and capabilities than any other multi-sensor device on the planet.  Ideal for multi-disciplinary investigations, students need only one databot™, a smart device, and insatiable curiosity to explore the invisible world of scientific data that surrounds us! Unlimited experiments with these tools at your fingertips:  UV, Sound, Acceleration, CO2, Gyroscope, Air Pressure, External Temperature probe, Altitude, Magnetism, Humidity, Ambient Light, Color, Gesture, and short and long range Proximity Sensors!


What’s Included in the Kit!

Everything you need to immediately begin conducting experiments, right out of the box, is included.  Rechargeable battery, software included – nothing more to buy or replenish, ever.

databot™ 2.0
Protective Storage Case
Temperature Probe
Charging Cable
Curriculum Library

    Vizeey™ Smart App






For Grades 4 and Up

Due to its versatility across multiple disciplines and incredible ease-of-use, databot™ is appropriate for students as young as 4th grade for science explorations or STEM programs looking for physical computing attributes to make coding lessons more engaging.  Now with drag and drop software support with AI extensions, students as young as 4th grade can begin coding and learning artificial intelligence concepts.  High school and technical students can even turn databot into an edge computing device for advanced Machine Learning applications.  One device – incredibly easy to use for science, incredibly versatile and powerful for STEM topics.  Worried about dropping it?  Have no fear – databot™ 2.0 is tough-as-nails yet approachable for students, young and old alike, to handle it and use it for daily explorations.


databot™  2.0 is an incredibly versatile tool and fits everywhere  – in-person, hybrid, or remote! Since its debut in 2019 databot™ has been used in nearly every learning setting from home users to CTE programs launching it on weather balloons.

  • Science Education: Elementary, Middle School, High School, and in-home learning.
  • CTE: Computer Science, Physical Computing, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning
  • Engineering: Design Challenges and Integrations with Robotics programs.
  • Informal Learning: Summer Camps, After-school programs, Science Centers
Technical Requirements

For fast and easy science sensor experiments the only technical requirement is to have a smart device (IOS or Android) such as a tablet or smartphone with Bluetooth to connect to databot™.  You download our free app, Vizeey, connect to databot and you’re up and running!  For coding or other advanced applications the technical requirements for databot™ will vary depending on your setting and intended use, see the databot™ 2.0 Specs tab for more in-depth information on databot™ and all the ways you can use it!


databot™2.0 Specs


I/O & Design 

Communications, Processor, and Power  

Software Options  

databot™ 2.0 provides easy access to sensor data no matter what software you like to use!  Out of the box it will connect easily to the Vizeey™ app and you’ll be up and  working with live sensor data within 60 seconds.  If you already have a favorite software solution for visualization and analysis it’s easy to export data from databot™ in common formats that are readily accessible.  The following is a quick list of some of the software applications that databot loves to work with!


Vizeey™ is our smart app (IOS or Android) that databot™ connects to wirelessly right out of the box.  It is super easy to use and can be installed, connected to databot™, and streaming data in less than 60 seconds!

The Vizeey™ user experience is very simple.  You scan QR codes on databot™ lesson plans and they will load in pre-configured experiments displayed as icons in the app.  Simply turn on your ‘bot, tap the icon of your experiment, and you will be connected and visualizing data right away!

Vizeey™ has tools for data analysis built in, plus you can easily export the data in a variety of formats (Excel and CSV) in a couple of clicks for you to import into Google Sheets, Excel, or any other data analysis program you like to use.





Using an awesome Excel Add-In called Data Streamer, you can connect wirelessly to a Windows machine with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and stream live sensor data, straight from databot™, to your Excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft has a program called “Hacking STEM” in which they offer free teaching resources and tools like Data Streamer to facilitate hands-on, STEM activities.  databot™ makes integrating live data with tools like Excel a snap.

For more information, check out our Blog area for examples of data dashboards built with Excel, Data Streamer, and databot™!




Arduino Fans Rejoice

Yes, databot™ 2.0 is still completely Arduino compatible and can be programmed and controlled using the beloved Arduino IDE.  For many technical educators and hobbyists, the Arduino IDE is the go-to software for experimenting, playing, coding, and interacting with all kinds of crazy physical computing devices. Just do a quick search for crazy Arduino projects and you’ll get the picture.  databot™  comes with all the technical details provided that you need to take control of the hardware using the Arduino IDE. Customize anything you want!  This tool also enables you to change the behavior or use of databot™ for other software applications – for example, preparing it to connect to Excel through Data Streamer.

Wowzuh! Geeks, nerds, and coders grab a databot™ and Go Forth and Explore!


Vizeey™ Smart App

How to Use the Vizeey™ Smart App with databot™!

databot is the easiest way to start exploring the world of science through sensor data.  In less than 60 seconds you can install Vizeey™, connect to databot, and be conducting experiments!  Watch the 60 second setup video to see how easy it is!

Ready to give it a try?!  Fill out this form and receive a complete databot curriculum unit and a QR code that will enable you to test drive Vizeey with your students completely free of charge.  You’ll be able to use the sensors built into your smart device – iPad, iPhone, or Android – and see for yourself how exciting and engaging working with sensors can be for students!