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Raspberry Pi Pico with Pin Headers - Assembled

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The Raspberry Pi Pico, it's; small, fast, highly affordable, and incredibly versatile. Brought to you by the same team that delivered the Raspberry Pi computer, this brand new microcontroller is set to take the physical computing world by storm. It's built around the powerful, Pi designed, RP2040 Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz chip that also features 264KB internal RAM and support for up to 16MB of off-chip Flash. The board is fully loaded with the hardware and flexible I/O options that make this board perfect for beginners and experts alike.

The Pico is supplied with a full set of pre-soldered headers attached to the board. As soon as you unpackage it, it's ready to go. It can be plugged straight into a breadboard or have jumper wires connected straight to it and your soldering iron need not even be plugged in.

Unlike the Raspberry Pi computers, the pico has no operating system. Instead, the board is programmed to do only the tasks that are required of it in the project it will be used for. It can be programmed with the C/C++ SDK or with MicroPython. Code on your Desktop Computer/Pi and then transfer via USB to the Pico. There are a number of options when it comes to coding editors. We've favoured using Thonny as it is beginner-friendly by design. It's also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, including Raspberry Pi.

5325 The Kitronik Discovery Kit for the Raspberry Pi Pico pin out diagram

The board features a USB port and 40 main user pins, 30 of which being GPIO pins. They include 4 anologue outs, 2 UARTs, 2 SPI controllers, 2 I2C, 16 PWM channels, and 8 PIO. Note: Pico IO voltage is fixed at 3.3V.


  • A USB cable is NOT supplied. USB cables capable of data transfer and power are available separately 
  • No soldering required.


  • The Raspberry Pi Pico board is a new cutting edge microcontroller that features the Pi designed ARM-based dual-core RP2040 chip.
  • The RP2040 is a Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz chip.
  • 264kB on-chip SRAM.
  • Support for up to 16MB of off-chip Flash memory.
  • Pre-soldered header pins so no user soldering required.
  • Micro USB port, power and data.
  • Drag & drop programming via USB.
  • 40 user pins, including; 26 multi-function GPIO pins, 2 × SPI, 2 × I2C, 2 × UART, 3 × 12-bit ADC, 16 × controllable PWM channels.
  • Code it with C/C++ SDK or with MicroPython.
  • The Pico is supplied with pre-soldered header pins that are compatible with breadboards, standard jumper wires, and


  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Pico (with pre-soldered headers).


  • Length: 51mm.
  • Width: 21mm.
  • I/O Holes Pitch: 2.54mm.
  • I/O Hole Diameter: 1mm.
  • I/O Pad Width: 1.6mm.