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Baseball Mat (Blue-Bot)

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Batter up! Take Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to the ballpark with the Baseball Mat. Code the 'bot to run the bases, play in the outfield, or visit the hot dog stand or ice cream truck. The Baseball Mat is a natural way to introduce 45° turns of which Blue-Bot is capable using the Tactile Reader or Blue-Bot tablet app.


The Baseball Mat offers a complete baseball field with baseball diamond, two full teams (red and blue uniforms), scoreboard, and fans for both sides, along with other interesting features including a hot dog stand, ice cream truck, and outfield distractions. The baseball diamond is a square and may be traversed by both Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, but as a diamond it is offset from the rectangular shape of the mat itself. This provides many opportunities to introduce Blue-Bots 45° capability when using the Tactile Reader or Blue-Bot tablet app.

The Baseball Mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 36" by 36" (90 cm by 90 cm). The baseball diamond is 18" (45 cm) square and requires three 'bot steps to move from one base to another.