Circuit Scribe - Intro Classroom Kit

by Circuit Scribe

The Circuit Scribe Intro Classroom Kit is the perfect way to introduce electronics to your classroom or makerspace. Geared toward younger students and more basic classes, the kit includes 25 sets of pens and modules to draw basic working circuits that use power, LEDs, and switches.

The kit also comes with a sampling of more advanced modules including blinkers, buzzers, motors, 3-input multi-colored LEDs, and more complicated switches. 



25 9V Battery Adapters
25 LEDs
25 Switches
5 Multi-Colored LEDs
20 Connector Cables (two 10-Packs)
Double Switches
Motors & Foam Wheels
NPN Transistors


Pens & Accessories:

30 Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pens
25 Steel Canvases
25 Stencils
Inventor's Notebook
1 Jumper Sticker Sheet