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Circuit Scribe -Everything Classroom Kit

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Learning circuitry is now as intuitive as using a pen. Our non-toxic, conductive ink enables you to draw freeform, working circuits and connect magnetic modules between your drawings to activate lights, sounds, motors & more! Geared towards fundamental electronics and physics lessons, the complexity of the concepts ranges from beginner to advanced circuitry. The Intro Classroom Kit is an accessible and fun way to introduce circuitry to classes of 25-30 elementary through high school students. 

Complexity grows as your knowledge grows, allowing you to explore topics in the guided workbook and the AR App -  CS Circuits. (iOS & Android)

With 30 pens and 250+ modules, its perfect for 1-to-1 and collaborative learning groups.


25 9V Battery Adapters
5 USB Adapters 
50 LEDs
25 Switches
5 Buzzers
25 Multi-Colored LEDs
25 Dimmers
Double Switch
25 Motors & Foam Wheels
25 Blinkers 
DIY Connectors 
25 NPN Transistors
Light Sensors
50 Connector Cables (five 10-Packs)

Pens & Accessories:

30 Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pens
25 Steel Canvases
25 Stencils
1 Inventor's Notebook
1 Jumper Sticker Sheet