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Piper Premium Curriculum

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Piper Premium Curriculum is an online STEAM hub where educators can go to learn about STEAM integration in a secure “educator only” community where educators can interact with other teachers and ask questions, offer support and inspiration. Available as an annual subscription of $99, Piper Premium Curriculum provides educators with regularly updated STEAM education resources that teachers can customize and choose precisely what their students need for success. 

Piper Premium Curriculum is an online portal and community where educators can access engaging project-based STEAM lesson plans for inquiry-based instruction, enhanced with rubrics, assessments and vocabulary. Educators never have to worry about out of date versions, Piper will support with continuous updates. The Piper Premium Curriculum is a one stop resource with everything needed for increased teacher support. Aligned to K-12 Computer Science, NGS and Common Core Standards for grades 3 – 8.