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Crazy Circuits Bit Board Classroom Set - (for the micro:bit) - 5 Pack

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$1,695.95 - $1,869.95
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Welcome to the world of programming and automation with Micro:Bit!

In comparison to the Arduino platform, the micro:bit micro controller offers an enhanced graphical programming solution for coding.

The Bit Board Adapter was designed as a solution for teaching programming via micro:bit’s graphic interface, allowing it to work with our Crazy Circuits™ component platform.

These modular kits are robust sets of materials supported by online lesson plans, projects, activities, diagrams, and videos. Note: kits do NOT include individual Micro:Bit board.

**The kit DOES NOT include a micro:bit *** this needs to be purchased separately

Product Features

• 2x Small Pushbuttons

• 4x 10mm LEDs (r,g,b,w)

• 4x (1x6) LEGO Pieces

• 1x Neopixel

• 1x Potentiometer

• 1x Piezo Speaker

• 1x Crazy Circuits™ Bit Board Microbit adapter

• 1x Roll 1/8” Maker Tape™ (5m)

• 1x 2AAA Battery Holder

• 1x USB Cable

• 1x Alligator Clip Bundle (5 per)

• 1x LEGO Servo+ connector piece

• 1x LEGO Base Plate • Instruction Cards/Online Curricula


Specifications Height: 6.0” Width: 9.0” Depth: 3.0” Weight: 13.90 oz.

Age: 10+ Grade: 4+