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Crazy Circuits Classroom Set: Programing 101 (5 Pack)

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Teaching electronics can be a daunting task no matter what age or ability level you're working with. Theres choosing the various components, creating projects and activities, as well as the massive task of designing lesson plans and materials. The Circuits 101 Classroom line was designed as a complete classroom solution for teaching electronics. Not only do we give teachers a robust set of materials to use but we also provide the lesson plans, projects, activities, diagrams, and videos. 

Learning how to Program is like learning a foreign language, it's not something that can be quickly done over a dozen lessons. Our lesson plans focus on teaching students the basics of programing while also having them modify more complicated code in order to learn HOW different parts interact. We take parts such as distance sensors and show how to manipulate servos, 7 segment displays, speakers, and LEDs to show readings. Our goal is to inspire and engage students, not just teach them how to write lines of code.

Programing 101 Sets comes with anywhere from 4 to 25 student boxes filled with electronics parts and supplies. Teachers can easily hand out the boxes and use our free curriculum and resources to quickly and easily run lessons. Every Set comes with a Teacher Box which includes a full set of supplies as well as additional batteries, tape, and informational cards. Each student box is a compete set of parts to be used by one group of students. (We recommend groups of no larger than three students, especially when working with a computer.)

In addition to electronics parts Programing 101 Kits come with both Squishy Circuits Dough and Bare Conductive Paint. We use these conductive substances as alternative inputs to control our various electronics parts. Use conductive paint to create your own Piano, or control a servo by changing the length of conductive dough. (Large sets come with more parts.)

Our curriculum is always being updated and improved on. We've aligned our lessons to Common Core and NGSS standards for easy integration into any new or existing curriculum. In addition to lesson plans our curriculum also includes activity pages, assessments, diagrams, and videos for classroom use.

As with all Crazy Circuits Kits, our Classroom Sets require no soldering. Parts are connected in a brick based building environment via our special Maker Tape conductive tape. The only additional tools you'll need are scissors and a computer to manipulate code.

All Circuits 101 Sets Include:

  • One Teacher Box with additional supplies
  • Free teacher approved curriculum, lesson plans, videos, and diagrams
  • Maker Tape brand conductive tape
  • Squishy Circuits Dough and Bare Conductive Paint
  • Free software
  • Over 43 Parts in each box
  • Distance Sensors, Light Sensors, Humidity Sensors, and Temperature Sensors
  • Classroom ready packaging in heavy duty plastic containers
  • Informational Cards with part explanations and example circuits