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DIY Fuel Cell Science & Chassis Classroom SET - Extended - H2GP XPR

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What can you do with the H2GP XPR Science & Chassis Classoom SET from Horizon? Whatever you can dream up. Our kit includes instructions and all necessary parts to assemble a functioning HYDROGEN CAR!

This bundle serves 12 students in distance education or 24 students in classical teaching at school.

The Renewable Energy Education Set 2.0 demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technological system on a miniature scale. Thanks to that it's a great extension of the H2GP XPR SET.

Educational Objectives - STEM in a creative and open-ended way


H2GP XPR Science Classrom SET (12x)

Through its broad spectrum and developed curriculum, the H2GP XPR will easily fit in Chemistry, Physics, as well as Art or Ecology classes. Beyond the knowledge, students’ competencies will be effectively taught and developed through effective SEL principles. Finally, students are taught about renewable energy, why is it important and how to use recycled materials, so they can fully understand the importance of sustainability and the 3Rs: reduce-reuse-recycle

XPR chassis

XPR Chasis Classroom Pack (12x)

The Chassis Kit is a great tool for students to build the very first hydrogen car prototype in their lives. The video guides make building the wooden chassis simple and fun. In addition, practice runs with the basic wooden chassis are a great entry point for improvement. Can students improve the chassis to ensure better performance of their prototype? Great, go for it! They already know the basic principles thanks to the wooden chassis kit.  

XPR Science Classroom SET

Renewable Energy Science Kit

The Renewable Energy Science Kit demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics. Generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert it into electricity using a PEM fuel cell. Whichever combination of technologies you want to explore, this science kit is a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind renewable microgrids.

FCJJ-37 Renewable Energy Science Education Kit 2.0


What is included in the horizon energy curriculum? The lab equipment is just the beginning. We’ve built the horizon energy curriculum to provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students.

Materials provided

  • Hands-on Lab Activities
  • Teacher's Guides
  • Student's Guides

Concepts covered

Chemistry Concepts

Electrolysis, Energy, Hydrogen Generation, Reaction Rates, Reaction Yield, Reactions, Redox Reactions, Semiconductors, Stoichiometry

Physics Concepts

Angular velocity, Classical Mechanics, Efficiency, Electric Circuits, Energy, Ohm's Law, Parallel Circuits, Power (Electric), Rotational Mechanics, Series Circuits

Earth Science Concepts

Climate change, Renewable Energy, Human Impact



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