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Cricut EasyPress Educator Bundle

by cricut
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The Cricut EasyPress Educator Bundle is your go-to resource for sparking creativity in the classroom. Central to this bundle is the Bluetooth®-enabled, Cricut EasyPress® that simplifies heat transfers for both educators and students. Elevate classroom projects with an assortment of Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ materials, including classic white and black, dazzling gold glitter, and a vibrant array of colors. Accompanied by Cricut® Strong Heat Resistant Tape for precise alignment, this kit equips educators with the essentials for hands-on, engaging learning experiences. Designed with educators in mind, the Cricut EasyPress Educator Bundle empowers classrooms to explore the creative possibilities of heat transfer projects, enhancing art, design, and classroom decor. Unleash imagination and elevate learning with this comprehensive kit designed to inspire the next generation of creators.

What's Included:

  • Cricut EasyPress® 3 - 9 in x 9 in - Bluetooth®-Enabled Handheld Heat Press
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (9 ft) - White
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (9 ft) - Black
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ Glitter (3 ft) - Gold
  • Cricut® Strong Heat Resistant Tape
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (3 ft) - Navy
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (3 ft) - Yellow
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (3 ft) - Ocean
  • Cricut® Smart Iron-On™ (3 ft) - Red
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat