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EdComm Cables - 10 Pack

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The EdComm 10 pack contains 10 individual EdComm cables. 

NOTE: all Edison robots are shipped with an included EdComm cable, located in the battery compartment. The EdComm 10 pack is designed to replace lost or damaged cables. 

Just looking for a single cable? Check out the spare parts pack instead. 


What is the EdComm cable?

The EdComm cable is the special cable used to download programs to Edison robots from any of the Edison robotics programming languages. The EdComm cable is how you connect your Edison robot to a computer or tablet.

To connect Edison to a computer or tablet, plug the audio jack end of the EdComm cable into the headphone socket on your programming device. 

 EdComm cable into the Computer

The other end of the EdComm cable connects to the underside of your Edison robot, near the power switch. 

EdComm cable into Edison

Setting up the EdComm cable is as simple as attaching the cable to your Edison and programming device. The EdComm cable does not require any driver software to be installed and is compatible with any device that has a headphone jack. This allows Edison to be programmed from devices that don’t have USB ports, such as iPads.

Built to last: the ruggedised construction of the EdComm cable
The ruggedised construction of the EdComm cable makes it incredibly durable. The EdComm cable is specifically designed to withstand heavy-use environments, such as schools.

The 3mm diameter cables are made from TPE thermos plastic elastomer and contain zero PVC.

The co-moulding process of the TPE thermos plastic elastomer around the audio jack end, Edison-connection end and internal wiring results in a very strong product. Nylon strands throughout the cable protect the internal copper wires and adds strength to the cable. Both ends of the EdComm cable also have strain relief to protect the internal wires from being weakened from bending to further minimise the risk of damage.