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ELECFREAKS Classroom Smart Air Purifier Kit

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The ELECFREAKS Classroom Smart Air Purifier Kit includes components such as the IOT: bit expansion board, motor fan, and dust sensor. These components can achieve rich functions and perfectly match with the micro: bit development board, allowing you to explore more interesting smart homemaker projects.

We will simulate the process of detecting and improving indoor air quality using a dust sensor and motor fan from the Octopus series. The dust sensor detects the dust concentration in the indoor air in real-time and transmits the data to the micro:bit, which sends out a signal to activate the motor fan when the dust concentration exceeds a set threshold. The motor fan is mounted on the side of the tiny house and when it receives the signal, it automatically starts and starts blowing the air in the room. Through the operation of the fan, the indoor air is circulated, thus effectively purifying the indoor air and improving the air quality.

ELECFREAKS Classroom Smart Air Purifier Kit not only helps students understand and learn about the principles of sensors and motors but also develops their awareness of environmental protection and health consciousness. Students can customize the air quality criteria by adjusting the threshold of the dust sensor and can control the operation of the motor fan by writing code.

Scenario-based Teaching

Apply smart home technology to the classroom through this product and smart materials pack, so that children can get started quickly and learn programming in fun.


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