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Electronics Kit 2 (for micro:bit)

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With the introduction of the micro:bit v2 it has become clear that an alternative to our very popular Starter Kit for micro:bit was required, hence the imaginatively titled Kit 2 for micro:bit.

Designed as a stand alone kit for the version 2 of m:b it can also be used as a follow-on kit for people who already have the original Starter kit (as they would have a speaker and sensor board necessary for the projects and not standard on the v1 board)

It has 7 great projects and includes the following parts

  • MonkMakes Switch
  • MonkMakes RGB LED
  • Alligator Leads
  • Motor with Fan
  • Single AA Battery Box
  • LED Lamp
  • Downloadable 25 page booklet
  • SKU00092

    micro:bit version compatability