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Finch Robot 2.0 - Includes micro:bit

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One of the more highly anticipated educational technology releases in the last year, the Finch 2.0 is now shipping! More robust and versatile than the original Finch Robot from BirdBrain Technologies, the Finch 2.0 is a true coding and robotics solution for students in all K-12 grades.

In fact, it’s designed to foster inquiry and advance creative problem-solving skills in students from kindergarten to college and can certainly help teachers find new and innovative ways to teach computer science, math, and a whole lot more. Plus, for any educators who have used the micro:bit in STEAM education lessons previously, the Finch 2.0 might be even more appealing since it’s now powered by the micro:bit board. 

The most important upgrade to the Finch 2.0 is probably the fact that it makes use of the micro:bit as its source of power. This also means that students can incorporate the micro:bit’s functions and capabilities into the programs they write for their Finch. And, speaking of those programs, another one of the Finch 2.0’s impressive upgrades has to do with all of ways in which it can be programmed – six different coding options in all! The Finch 2.0 can be programmed using the brand-new FinchBlox language, BirdBlox, MakeCode, Snap!, Python, and Java – truly offering something for students at all levels of education to try depending on their skill levels and prior programming experiences.  

Please note that the Finch uses micro:bit as its processor; you must have one in order to operate the robot. 

Finch Robot 2.0 includes the following features:

  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Integrated and rechargeable battery (lasts 6+ hours)
  • Wheel encoders for accurate movement
  • Centrally positioned marker holder for drawing
  • 5 tri-color LEDs
  • Multi-tonal buzzer
  • Wheel encoders for precise and accurate movement
  • 2 light sensors
  • 1 distance / obstacle / ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 infrared line tracking sensors
  • Compatible with plastic bricks for adding accessories & building fun
  • Marks on wheels for counting revolutions
  • Surface can be written on with whiteboard markers
  • micro:bit features: accelerometer, radio, compass, buttons
  • RoHS compliant
Finch Robot 2.0 will launch with access to the following programming languages:
  • FinchBlox (icon-based for pre-readers - available on iOS, Android) 
  • BirdBlox (block-based - available on iOS, Android)
  • MakeCode (block-based - available on Chrome, Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Snap! (block-based - available on Mac, Windows)
  • Python (text-based - available on Mac, Windows)
  • Java (text-based - available on Mac, Windows)

A bluetooth dongle is required for Snap!, Python, and Java on Windows and pre-2014 Macs.