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H-5000 PEM Fuel Cell - 5kW

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Why Fuel Cells and Hydrogen?

Hydrogen Power

Fuel cells can be thought of as alternative energy devices that unlock the power of hydrogen. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Hydrogen fuel cells do this very cleanly, with no toxic emissions, and with a high efficiency. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have many potential clean energy applications – from running our vehicles, to powering our cellular phones and laptops, to heating our hospitals and homes.

Fuel cells do not generate energy out of thin air. They use hydrogen. Hydrogen is an outstanding carrier of energy. Hydrogen is non-toxic, renewable, easily obtained, and packed with energy. When it combusts with oxygen, it turns into water. This water can again be split into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis. The generated hydrogen can be combusted once again, thus undergoing a limitless cycle without toxic emissions. 

Hydrogen - energy without combustion

With a fuel cell, you can convert hydrogen into electric current without combustion. Fossil fuels are converted into usable energy through combustion. The energy released during combustion is inherently difficult to capture and inefficient. It also produces carbon dioxide, which cannot easily be converted back into a usable fuel. A fossil fuel combustion engine at a power plant is only about 30 to 40% efficient. This means it coverts only 30 to 40% of the energy in the fossil fuels to usable energy (electricity). Engines in a car are even less efficient, and reach the level of 15 to 20% of efficiency. Where does the rest of the energy go? It escapes as heat, vibration, and noise.

On the other hand, fuel cells can operate at 40 to 65% efficiency. This means that they can convert 40 to 65% of the energy contained in hydrogen into electricity.

The development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products around the world will improve the air we breathe, ensure secure and reliable energy, reduce the emissions that cause climate change and create highly skilled jobs.

Fuel Cell Stack 5kW

Additional information

You can click here to fill out a quote request form to send us a message in order to obtain information regarding shipping or additional components that may be needed to expedient the integration of this product into your product.  This is the highest end model for air cooled stacks that we sell and keep in-stock.

5kW Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

Safety Requirements

Do not attach or detach power cables when the fuel cell stack is turned on. Warranty is void if the fuel cell stack is dismantled or otherwise modified. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and flammable substance.  Always operate and store the fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage canisters in an area with ample ventilation. Fuel cell systems should always be equipped with a highly accurate hydrogen sensor to detect any hydrogen that has escaped within the system or from the hydrogen storage canister. Please refer to the H-5000 User Manual to see the full list of the safety requirements for the product.

Feel Free to Connect With Us

We love hearing about how our customers successfully use hydrogen fuel cell stacks to create zero emission solutions!  If you have some awesome pictures of an event or product you built using this fuel cell, then please feel free to send them to  Our Team will reach out for a few additional details, and then we will put your success story up on our public blog!

Fuel Cell Stack 5000W Quick Product Facts

Number of cells  icon

Number of Cells

This fuel cell stack is composed of 120 fuel cells.

Pressure icon

Hydrogen Pressure

Hydrogen must be fed into the fuel cell stack at a pressure of 0.45-0.55 Bar.

Temperature icon

Ambient Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from 41 to 86° F / 5-30° C.

Humidity icon


This fuel cell stack uses self-humidification.

weight icon

FC Stack Weight

The stack (including fan and casing) weighs 66lbs / 30kg.

weight+2 icon

Controller Weight

The weight of the controller is 5.5lbs / 2,500g.

efficiency icon

System Efficiency

At 72 volts the efficiency of the system is 40%.

external+power+supply icon

External Power Supply

Proper operation of the stack requires an external power supply of 24 volts at 20 amperes.



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User Manual

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