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Kubo Coding -1 Set (Starter Kit)

by Kubo
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This KUBO Coding Starter Set is the ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from four years. Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps. KUBO comes with comprehensive lesson plans and teacher guides to make it easy for teachers to deliver cross-curricular challenges in a hands-on, playful way.

Coding Made As Easy As A Puzzle

KUBO makes coding as easy as doing a puzzle! Together with its screenless, tangible TagTile programming language, KUBO simplifies abstract concepts in coding and lays the foundations for computational literacy. It also teaches essential 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Expect hours of fun with your kids as KUBO and its TagTiles make the complex world of programming fun and engaging!

As Tactile As A TagTile 

The tiles, which snap together like the pieces of a puzzle, allow control of basic movements, time, speed, distance and direction. Students have endless possibilities to develop increasingly complex programmes using basic movements, functions, subroutines and loops.

The TagTiles can be used to build increasingly complex code as students develop their capabilities but are simple enough for beginners to engage with and understand. They’re also flexible enough to teach students a number of different subjects, including music, math, and spelling.

KUBO Coding Solution Features:

EASY TO ADOPT: Without any screens or software, KUBO removes the common barriers that many primary school teachers face when embedding technology skills into the curriculum. The solution is up and running in five minutes, with no previous experience required.
UNIQUE TAGTILE™ SYSTEM: Offers students new ways to learn — it’s as simple as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle.
HIGH CURRICULUM RELEVANCE TO MAXIMIZE LEARNING OUTCOMES: While KUBO introduces the basics of computational thinking by covering sequences, functions, subroutines and loops, its expandable solution covers multiple curriculum subjects, such as language, science and mathematics, in an open-ended, hands-on way.
EASY TO DIFFERENTIATE: KUBO takes students from simple to advanced levels of programming and computational thinking.


1 x Kubo Coding Starter Kits


What's in the Box:

  • 1x KUBO body and 1x KUBO head
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1x 10101 KUBO Coding TagTile Set made up of 46 tiles and a robot head
  • 1x 10102 KUBO Coding+ TagTile Set made up of 36 tiles
  • 1x Activity Map delivered in 4 large puzzle pieces that slot together easily
  • Additional Function tiles, making the way for teamwork and team challenges
  • Free access to The Coding License online lesson plans, including beautifully illustrated task cards, worksheets and comprehensive teachers notes to download for free