Ultimate 2.0- The 10-in-1 STEM Educational Robot Kit with Bluetooth Controller -(5 Pack)


Ultimate 2.0
A Robot with Endless Possibility

The 10-in-1 STEM Educational Robot Kit

Compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Ultimate 2.0 is the perfect robot for robotics enthusiasts to learn about mechanical design, electronics and programming. This extraordinary robot kit can be assembled into more than 10 different configurations to explore your creativity. Compatibility, standardization, and systemization make this flagship robot kit smarter and more fun than ever!

A Powerful Parts Library 

Release your imagination with over 160+ metal parts and 80+ types of electronic modules including our all new powerful MegaPi main controller, 3 encoder motors, 1 robotic arm, 4 DC motors, 3 sensors and 1 Bluetooth module. It also comes with a shutter and phone stand for easy photo taking. From now on, you will have your own parts library.

10 Building Examples Inspiring Unlimited Personal Creative Inventions! 

Ultimate 2.0 comes packed with a punch. The kit comes with assembly guides for 10 different designs that serve as launch points for your own creations. Alter the designs to suit your own ideas, or make your own design entirely from Scratch!


The Makeblock Bluetooth Controller features 15 buttons and 2 thumbsticks, which are programmable. Not only is it compatible with a variety of Makeblock robots with built-in Bluetooth modules, but also comes with complementary programs, which are ready to use upon being uploaded. You can enjoy a cleaner, more professional robotic control experience in the classroom, at home or in a robotics competition setting.


5 x Ultimate 2.0

5 x Bluetooth Controllers