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Makey Makey Craft + Code Booster Kit

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The Craft + Code Booster Kit is a balanced combination of creative materials, such as binder clips and aluminum foil, as well as hard-to-find components like conductive thread, conductive fabric, and Makey Makey pencils. This gold mine of materials will help you focus on merging art and technology, without needing to chase down supplies.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Conductive Graphite Pencil
  • 1x Steel Ball
  • 1x Pencil Sharpener
  • 20x (3/4") Brass Paper Fasteners
  • 5x Aluminum Foil Sheets
  • 1x (6") Conductive Fabric Square
  • 4x Binder Clips
  • 1x Roll of Conductive Fabric Tape
  • 1x (10ft) Bobbin of Conductive Thread
  • 1x Momentary Push Button
  • 1x Makey Makey Sticker