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Merge Cube

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Meet the Merge Cube, the world’s first holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand. Our award-winning holographic cube gives you the power to control holograms!

You can play, learn, and explore in magical new ways. Just download apps using your tablet or smartphone, view the cube through your device's camera, and watch the Merge Cube come to life as it transforms into anything you can imagine! Super power your experience by selecting the optional Virtual Reality mode, then slide your smartphone into virtual reality goggles to completely immerse yourself in holographic worlds. It’s virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality in one -- It’s Merge Reality!



  • Holographic Play - The Merge Cube gives you the power to control holograms! Play, explore, and learn in magical new ways. 
  • AR, VR & Mixed Reality - The cube merges the physical and digital reality - It’s virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality all in one. It’s Merge Reality! Welcome to the future.
  • Works with iOS & Android - Use your iOS or Android device to power the Merge Cube, and download apps to magically transform the Merge Cube into anything you can imagine! Works with tablets and smartphones.
  • Super Powered with VR Mode - Super power your experience with VR Goggles! We recommend using our award-winning Merge VR Goggles. Other AR-enabled VR Goggles will work, too.
  • Free apps and games - Get free Merge Cube Apps for every Merge Cube you purchase.
  • Award Winning - Awarded by Tech Radar for “Most Unique Product” at CES 2017.