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My XL World by LEGO® Education

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My XL World by LEGO® Education



Real-World Role-Play

Working in groups of 2-10, children use the colorful collection of 480 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, figures, wheel bases, windows, doors and a building plate to build their home, a restaurant, bus stop, hospital and a fire station. They’ll also discover an airplane, car and even a submarine, and will use their imagination to build fantasy animals and make up fun stories of their own. 

My XL World also combines with the 45029 Animals and 45030 People accessory sets in the Early Learning system for even more playful learning fun for children.

 Full Teacher Support

My XL World includes everything that teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons, including a Getting Started card with 5 activity ideas and 10 double-sided building cards.

Focus on Social Skills

My XL World is designed to develop children’s social skills and deepen their understanding of the world around them through role play, fun building activities and idea sharing.

Key learning areas:

  • Social skills
  • Role play and collaboration
  • Sharing ideas
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Communication


What's Included:

This solution includes 480 DUPLO bricks, including wheel bases, windows, doors, flowers and six DUPLO figures. You will also find a Getting Started activity card and 10 double-sided inspiration cards with 20 models to build.