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Piper Make Solar House

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The Solar House is a widget of the Piper Make Clean Energy Expedition Kit, and the coolest way to start exploring how human physiology works – by sensing your own! The Solar House is an add-on and REQUIRES a Piper Make Starter Expedition Kit with the Raspberry Pi Pico to get started (sold separately).

It's more important than ever to understand how we can harness energy from the world around us in environmentally-conscious ways. And what better way to learn those concepts early than with your very own solar house? With a solar panel atop the roof, you'll build circuits to understand how to save solar energy, simulate the sun with your own flashlight, and use it to light up your house. Plus as Piperbot and Pip learn how Zomars on Mars conserve their solar energy before a sandstorm, you'll be learning some of the most important lessons about clean energy. This kit includes the Solar House lesson free and accessible on

  • With Piper Make Solar House, you will receive:
  • Solar Panel with Jumper Wires (1)
  • Laser Cut, Laser Etched Wood Pieces
  • Screws (4)
  • Nuts (4)
  • 10V Capacitor (1)
  • Velcro (2)
  • 1MΩ Resistor (3)
  • Blueprint Postcard
  • Piper Make Sticker

For educators, our Piper Make online platform includes tools to facilitate teaching with Piper Make! Resources such as Educator Guides and a full suite of Google collaboration tools including Classroom Share Button, Google Single Sign On (SSO), and Save to Google Drive functions are free and available at

Recommended for ages 8+.