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Piper Make Starter Kit

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The Piper Make Starter Kit is the base kit for all Piper Make products, including the Raspberry Pi microcontroller which serves as the brains of all the missions you’ll find on our free, drag-and-drop coding platform Piper Make is designed to work with Chromebooks, or any other computer using a Chrome browser – just connect to your computer using the included micro-USB to USB-A cable.

With the Starter Expedition Kit, you will be able to access free 10 self-guided coding lessons on Piper Make – from blinking an LED to making music with resistors. As you help Piperbot and Pip explore Mars in our storyline, you’ll learn computational thinking, basic circuitry, and so much more. Learn more about what you can do with the Piper Make Starter Expedition Kit with our Quick Start Guide.

The Piper Make Starter Kit includes the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller and basic breadboarding equipment including:
- 830 Hole Breadboard
- Jumper Wires (M2M)
- Resistors (10)
- Tactile Buttons
- LEDs
- Micro-USB to USB-A cable, 1 meter
- Laser Cut, Laser Etched Wood Base
- Piper Make Stickers

With the Piper Make Starter Kit, you can also get add-ons like a Controller, Walker, Rover, Hear Rate Sensor, Solar House and more! The Starter Kit is REQUIRED as the base for these add-ons.

For educators, our Piper Make online platform includes tools to facilitate teaching with Piper Make! Resources such as Educator Guides and a full suite of Google collaboration tools including Classroom Share Button, Google Single Sign On (SSO), and Save to Google Drive functions are free and available at

Recommended for ages 8+.