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Scottie Go EDU

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  • Scottie Go! is an innovative hybrid educational game that makes learning fun by combining both the virtual and real-life space. The game is made up of two components – an application and a set of cardboard tiles used to build programs which can then be scanned with your mobile device or a webcam. Designed for both youngest and older players, Scottie Go! features nearly a hundred of quests of increased difficulty that let you design simple and more complex algorithms while learning the fundamentals of programming along the way.


  • This version is intended for young students ages 5 and up to allow them to code without a computing device. The BASIC version allows educators to create their own game scenario, working with children in groups, and to let them enjoy algorithmic role-playing. The tiles are also compatible with the Scottie Go! Education App.

What's Included:

179 x Block Coding Tiles

1 x Coding Map

1 x Educational App (91 problems and 10 modules)


Recommended Use:

4 Students per Box (Students work in 2 pairs of 2)


Required Technology:

iOS, Windows, and Android Device Compatible