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NEW!! Solar Bug 2.0 Kit - Classroom Set (25 Pack)

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Create a solar powered insect that moves with this fun filled STEM project!

Learn about solar energy by creating a simple solar circuit in minutes using only conductive tape! Cut out your bug, decorate it, then add your solar cell and vibrating motor! All parts are connected with our special Maker Tape conductive tape, perfect for younger students. Once built these bugs will move around in the sun, and best of all they'll never run out of power!



The Standard Kit comes with supplies for four full bugs, as well as 8 different card stock bug templates to choose from. Additional bug parts (legs and wings) can be found in our online guide for printing. Scissors and coloring supplies not included.

The Classroom Set comes with supplies for 25 bugs, and includes 2 card stock bug designs for each student to choose from. Additional designs and body parts can be printed off our website, as well as student activity pages and lesson plans.

Warning: Kit includes small parts and batteries. These are a choking hazard. Not intended for children under the age of 10.

Directions, eBooks, Lesson Plans, and Videos

To download the Wing & Legs printable click this link.

Printable directions and an eBook can be found on our online Project Database, and include leveled Lesson Plans and Student Activity Sheets. 

If you have questions about implementing our Solar Bugs in your classroom or after school program please contact us. We've been helping educators implement solar activities in their classrooms for years and have many helpful tips and tricks.