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Teknikio Electric Quilt Classroom Kit

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Share your story through electronic quilt making! The Quilt kit is a collaborative, storytelling project that allows students to create individual patches that incorporate soft circuits. This kit provides easy-to-use electronic components to create up to 20 patches that can come together to make a large quilt. Students can collaborate to mix and match their patches on the quilt to create various stories. Also included in the kit is a comprehensive project guide with detailed lesson plans that align with the NGSS Engineering Standards and the Common Core Standards. Imagine and create your personal story that will contribute to a bigger story!

Recommended Grades:​ 5 - 9

● Number of Students: ​20
● Hours of Curriculum: 3 - 6


● Curriculum for an electronic quilt project that can be broken down into multiple sessions.
● Project Storage Box
● Instructor guide with a detailed lesson plan and vocabulary guide
● Collaborative and/or individualized project tips
● Guiding questions and discussion topics
● Lesson extensions for differentiation
● Adaptable for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning

Materials Included:

● 20 Coincell Batteries
● 20 Batteryboards
● 5 Star LEDboards
● 5 Heart LEDboards
● 5 Ghost LEDboards
● 5 Diamond RGB LEDboards

● 20 Sewing Needles
● 40 Pairs of Snaps
● 20 Small Felt Swatches
● 5 Large Felt Swatches
● Conductive Thread
● 8 Spools of Colorful Regular Thread