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Transparent Grid Mat for Bee-Bot (WITH POCKETS)

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Personalize your own mat by inserting your own pictures and drawings.


  • The TTS Bee-Bot Pocket Mat encourages children to blend creativity with computing. By creating unique, insertable cards, children can guide Bee-Bot through custom pathways and stories. This interaction not only supports the Key Stage 1 computing curriculum but also nurtures literacy and imaginative skills.

  • Focusing on programming, the mat enables children to construct and refine sequences, solving problems through trial and error. Such activities are pivotal in developing computational thinking from an early age. Beyond computing, its adaptable design supports lessons across various subjects, making learning engaging and multifaceted.


  • Made from robust materials, the mat is ideal for everyday classroom use. This longevity ensures it is a reliable resource across academic years, facilitating a dynamic learning environment that caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs.