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Virtual Training

                  Virtual one hour training  guides teachers through each tool’s functions, demonstrate the basics of how 

                       to use them, and show how they can fit effectively and sensibly in a blended classroom setting.

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Whether you're just getting started with Ozobot or looking for information on how Ozobot can fit into your school/classroom, our Ozobot 101 webinar is the perfect place to start!!
We'll walk you through the ins-and-outs of the Ozobot platform and give you tips for seamless instruction whether your students are learning remotely, in-person, or a hybrid of both. Plus, connect with fellow educators and ask any questions you may have to the Ozobot Team!

Introduction to Sphero BOLT – Striking way to learn and play

Teachers will learn:

For computer science (CS) to be engaging for all learners, educators must consider the academic, career, and social and emotional learning of their students. This requires savvy lessons that focus on equity, incorporate sound teaching strategies, and use edtech creatively. Join this FREE webinar to get tips, resources, and actionable steps to help you level up both your virtual and face-to-face lessons by focusing on equity and SEL in tandem with CS.

Introduction to RVR – The Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Robot! 

Teachers will learn:

Exploration: Sphero RVR – Introduction to motors,  toque, 

color recognition, light sensor, IR

Connecting third party hardware, such as a Raspberry Pi, 

Arduino, or micro:bit and adding littleBits

Introduction to coding with the Sphero EDU App

New Activities for Social Distance Learning 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Introduction to littleBits – The Ultimate STEAM Learning

Teachers will learn:

The littleBits electronic modules and how to use them in electronic projects

Sample projects and STEM

New Activities for Social Distance Learning

Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Introduction to Makey Makey

This webinar is designed to get you up and running with the Makey Makey --everything from what the board is, to installing it, to using it.

Teachers will learn:

What is the Makey Makey? -- What's what on the Makey Makey board?

Installing the Makey Makey  -- How to connect the board, and install it. Extra focus on Windows, which requires a driver be installed.

Making Your First Key -- How to use banana cables to create your first MaKey MaKey button.

Resources and Going Further -- Links to inspire and educate.

Infento in the Classroom

Bring Constructible Electric Vehicles To Your School Today!

Introducing Infento, 2018’s #1 STEM product on Kickstarter, now with innovative mechanical engineering products for your school. Learn how students are building millions of different types of inventions with Infento’s modular build-your-own electric vehicle product line by joining our webinar

Introduction to iRobot Root

In his webinar you will learn about how to use the Root Robot to learn how to code. 

Teachers will learn:

 The ins and outs of coding without switching between different software and languages.

Introduction to coding languages like JavaScript or Python.

 Translate from drag-and-drop coding to text coding